stephs taking over... (dreamduregodied) wrote in pixelishious,
stephs taking over...

kk so here it goes, dunno if its going to work :)

title or description

title or description

title or description

title or description
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Oooo pretty pretty eyes..

AND YAY for stretched ears :D
hehe thanks! look at my icon! its my ear, from like 2 months ago!
Coooool. I like the cartilage piercing thing going on there very unusual.
hehe yes yes i love it, i did it myself, it hurt soooo bad tho
Meow! Your beautiful!
You have such pretty eyes and lovin the ears girl!

:DI dont care what the others say now you were gunna get it and ya still hawt :D

Deleted comment

hehe you are too amber!
Your are SO pretty <33 the second picture soooo much. Your eyes are so purdy, and big and sparkly wish mine were blue *sobs*
aww thank definatly blushing. they arent always blue! they change colors :)
The last one is absolutely gorgeous. Your eyes are huge!! Beautiful complexion and hair.
Oh yeah favorite feature of her: EYES
aww your so sweet thank you :P
OMG! i love u'r eyes! der soo perdy! hehe!
mm touch touch! hehehe you are way stinking hot! um... my place Tuesday at 7? :)