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pixelishious's Journal

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Fed up of all those bitchy communities, where they put you down constantly because you aren't perfect in their eyes? They judge you on all your bad points?

Well here it's different.
It doesn't matter if your fat, thing, tall, short, black hair, blonde hair or whatever, all that matters is, is that we will make you feel good about yourself whatever you look like :)
We will point out all of your good bits, and you get a sign saying what is your best bit to put in your journal!!


-Never be bitchy.
-Once you have your super stamp :D you can also tell people their good bits.

Once you judge, you must say everything you like about that persons looks, and give one you like the most like "eyes" =)

Well have fun, Your human, so we love you <3

<The People

Well since I only have 'Perfect' at the mo, and hardly not enough people to vote, if you join soon you will more likely to get a perfect :\ cause I need people to vote! RARR.

Anyways, so now, If someone posts, Say all the usual what you like about them yet vote for any of the following as now we have enough to vote. I would give out perfect all the time cause I'm Whee Oo;!:


Or something else.

So anyways, Here's the list.


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